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Supported Employment  »  Success Stories
Success Stories
A story of a beneficiary of the employment support services
Date: 04.03.2015   

Always in search of a job, without a clear idea of what she would like to do, not ready to devote her time to work and not keen on taking responsibility. According to her, having a job is a way to spend your time, a possibility to go out and to get some pocket money. She is Cristina, 29 years old, diagnosed with Infantile Cerebral Paralysis. She has studied in an ordinary school as her family tried to integrate her into the usual education environment. After finishing the gymnasium she made some professional studies. Firstly, Cristina took the courses for copy and multiplying machine operators. Then, in 2004, she attended the course on meat processing. Finally, in 2007 Cristina obtained the masseur speciality. She couldn’t identify herself with any of these occupations and, correspondingly, didn’t practice them.

For short periods of time (starting with 2010), she worked as an auxiliary worker, initially at capping bottles, then at arranging food products in a market and finally as a cleaner.

At her last job Cristina has been employed for a definite period as a cleaner. After the contract has expired, she continued to work without being officially employed and receiving an informal salary. At some point, the situation became confusing: sometimes Cristina was asked to work for a week or two and at other times she was told that there are no vacancies for her. Unable to understand the reasons of such conduct, she tried to pick up her documents from the employer but without any success.

Therefore, in May 2013, Cristina contacted the specialists of the Association „MOTIVATIE” from Moldova and asked for support in picking up her documents and finding a new job. During the first evaluation meeting Cristina revealed lack of knowledge about her rights as an employee and a person with disability, as well as unawareness of employment methods and techniques for passing a job interview.  On the other hand, it became evident that Cristina is not highly motivated for getting a job since it was her mother’s initiative to look for employment. Considering the identified needs, it was deemed necessary to involve Cristina into a training on motivation for employment held by the Association „MOTIVATIE” from Moldova on 19-26 May 2013. During the training Crisitina benefitted from information on the above mentioned aspects, with a special emphasis on job interview.

On the 30th of May, during the Job Fair organized by the National Employment Agency, Cristina made her first attempt to find a job, being accompanied by a specialist. She has been encouraged to initiate discussions with the employers attending the event, to leave her CV and arrange eventual job interviews. Out of the 5 employers contacted by Cristina 2 demonstrated their openness to hire her. In their opinion, she would have been able to carry out the assigned duties.

Yet, no employer attending the Job Fair has invited her to a job interview. Accordingly, on 5 June Cristina lodged a request for support in employment to the Association „MOTIVATIE” from Moldova. The same day, the assisted employment counsellor signed a service provider agreement with her and explained to Cristina the agreement’s effects and her responsibilities. Besides, a detailed evaluation sheet has been prepared and the individual-based plan has been compiled. The discussions helped reveal the employment conditions/needs of the beneficiary that put the basis of the individual intervention plan for employment providing certain responsibilities for both parties.

The first objective of the intervention plan concerned the resolution of the problem with Cristina’s documents (the employer refused to give her back the employment history record and medical record). Thus, the case manager accompanied Cristina during her visit to the last employer and facilitated the return of documents.

Starting from 13th of June, the assisted employment counselor together with Cristina managed to identify various jobs and contact potential employers in order to get more information about the vacancies as well as to arrange eventual job interviews. From 14th June to 28th June they’ve managed to contact 17 employers and to arrange 6 job interviews. Yet, Cristina attended only 4 job interviews, being accompanied twice by the assisted employment counselor. The jobs she has applied for included auxiliary worker, packager, beginning seamstress and cleaner. In the first case (auxiliary worker), even though being offered a chance to work, Cristina refused the offer due to the considerable distance between the potential job place and her place of residence, although she didn’t mention this aspect during the evaluation exercise. In the second case, she refused the offer because the social package was not provided from the first month of employment. The visit to a manufacturing plant revealed the vision problems of the youngster, thus bringing out the need for a detailed medical control by an ophthalmologist as to avoid further complications. On 28 June Cristina went to her fourth interview applying for the cleaning job. The employer was available to hire her but Cristina refused because of the long working hours (8.00-23.00), even though she has been promised the social package, meals, transfer to home and work in turns.

On the 1st of July Cristina should have been present at another two job interviews but she didn’t attend them motivating her absence by the need to visit a doctor and follow further treatment for 20 days. However, the real reasons of nonattendance identified by the case manager came to be Cristina’s low motivation to work, unavailability to assume any responsibility, the habit of frequenting the Community Centre and benefitting from its activities. The case manager worked together with her on these aspects, involving into the process Cristina’s parent.  The difficulties were overcome once a clear program of daily duties has been set and the parent has been assigned the responsibility of monitoring its realization. 

After the treatment has been completed, the job search efforts continued. Cristina was offered by the Association „MOTIVATIE” from Moldova a stapling job for 3 months, with the possibility to do her job within the Centre for Independent Living. At the same time, she got an offer to work as cleaner in a college situated close to her place of residence, this offer being accepted by Cristina.

From 19th August 2013, Cristina is legally employed and financially independent. 

Success Stories

Date: 04.03.2015   
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