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Success Stories
"The self-confidence means to believe in your results"
Date: 04.03.2015   

My name is Ludmila Iachim. I am 36 years old and I live in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. This is to share a little about my life, work and my most important successes. I also hope to encourage others along the story.

I grew up in a nearby village close to the capital when at the age of 13 I was paralysed by a viral infection that was very difficult to diagnose. It was a critical period in my life when my parents and doctors put a lot of effort to help me to recover as much as it was possible. I had to start using a wheelchair after several surgeries that were not so successful. This unhappy situation changed all my life. My family and my friends have been wonderful, helping me keeping up the spirits and looking to my future only in a positive way. I reached a moment when I realized that the wheelchair is not a sentence, but a challenge to assert myself as a personality and demonstrate the positive side of the disability.

In 2001 I had the opportunity to participate in a training course organised by an NGO called Motivatie which has the goal to promote the social inclusion of persons with disabilities. I was so much impressed by their wonderful work that I decided to become a volunteer. From that moment I understood that my life will change completely as new opportunities were arising. I was given the opportunity to participate in various trainings, to learn new things, that helped me grow up as a person, to develop my leadership skills and new competences, to be an example for many other young people. In 2005 I started to work as trainer in active recovery and now I work for Motivatie as a project coordinator. Now, as part of the cooperation between Motivatie and SOIR Moldova, I help other young people with disability to believe in themselves, to acquire new skills and to get a job.

In my free time I play wheelchair tennis and I also love to read. Last year I participated in a beauty contest for women in wheelchair in Ukraine were I understood that beauty has no barriers regardless disability. I won the third place.

I can consider myself a lucky person. All the challenges I faced and overcame throughout these years makes me to appreciate what I have, to love people around me and of course my job which gives me a lot of satisfaction, strength and self-confidence. I will continue trying to change things in better together with my colleagues and act to achieve more results.


Written by

Ludmila Iachim,

"MOTIVATIE" Moldova.


Success Stories

Date: 04.03.2015   
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"The self-confidence means to believe in your results"
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