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News and Events
News and Events
Support Center Operator– Swedish company
Date: 14.04.2017   

The Swedish company SAMRES AB (www.samres.se) works in the service sector with coordination of public transports in the North-European countries Sweden and Norway. The company manages callcenters in Estonia, Senegal, Sweden and the Republic of Moldova.

Support Center Operator– Swedish company

Step 1: Intensive Swedish language training
Step 2: Start answering calls in Swedish
In our Chisinau call center, operators answer calls from clients in Sweden, and our working language is always Swedish. This is why the employment at Samres begins with an intensive language course, with a duration of about 7 months.
Resources and employment
The training is free of charge, as well as all course material, books etc. Our company offers each participant a monthly allowance of 2000 MDL during the intensive language training. Those who reach our target level of Swedish will be offered employment with a competitive salary. We offer ca 7000 MDL net after the course. Job responsibilities mainly consist of work with clients who have considerable difficulties in travelling on public transport due to impaired mobility (see www.samres.se for more information).


- Strong aptitude for language learning
- Service oriented and stress resistant
- Good knowledge of English (applicants will have to pass our English language test before further consideration)
- If you speak some other foreign language (except Russian and Romanian) mention it in your CV
- Excellent speaking/listening skills
- Preferably with an academic background in foreign languages

How to apply
Send your CV and cover letter by e-mail in English to

The Swedish company SAMRES AB (www.samres.se) operates in the service sector with coordination of public transport in Sweden and Norway. The company manages call-centers in Estonia, Senegal, Sweden and the Republic of Moldova.

E-mail: recrutare@samres.info

Sursa: rabota.md

News and Events

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Date: 03.02.2016   
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This heading has the goal to facilitate the employment people with disabilities and to be recruited by potential employer.

This map contains information about the accessible and non-accessible buildings in Moldova. To find out more information, please visit ABOUT box. Map is modified by introducing new information collected from citizens. We count on your involvement!

People who receive support from the Association does not pay for services provided. Often we don’t have the fund we need toc over the large number of people that come to us.

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