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News and Events
News and Events
Vasilii Chiperi: „My path to dreams lasted 3 years"
Date: 25.01.2021   

In his famous work The Alchemist" Paulo Coelho wrote: When you really want something, the whole Universe conspires to fulfill your dream". This is also demonstrated by the life story of Mr. Vasilii, a native of a village in Donduseni district. The man comes from a family of tractor drivers, in which the love for this beautiful profession has been passed down from generation to generation. His father inherited his passion for tractors from his grandfather, and Mr. Vasilii already from his father, who took him with him when he went to work in the fields. Starting with the 7th grade, Mr. Vasilii was already actively involved in agricultural work in the village. Disability was not an impediment for him to achieve professionally and to start a large, united family, for which love and understanding were always at the forefront. Currently, Mr. Vasilii has 3 children - two girls aged 10 and 8 and a one-year-old boy.

Being a simple family from the village, with a modest budget, Mr. Vasilii understood that he needed a mini-tractor in order to support the family. For 3 years, the man went to many institutions to be helped to buy a mini-tractor, but to no avail. Until one day, he appealed to the MOTIVATION" Association of Moldova. MOTIVATION" was selected as a transparent and reliable organization, which helped Mr. Chiperi fulfill his big dream. Namely, it facilitated the process of purchasing the tractor, which was purchased by the Moldovan Children" from Switzerland, for Mr. Vasile's family. Thus, through Ms. Valentina Suruceanu from the Public Association Solidarity Hearts", who was a local partner, Mr. Chiperi was helped to develop his own income-generating activity.

Now I can work on my own garden and I can help my countrymen - says Mr. Vasilii Chiperi - This mini-tractor will bring an extra income to my family, for which I thank the MOTIVATION" Association from Moldova and all those who they contributed to the realization of my dream". 

News and Events

Date: 14.04.2017   
The Swedish company SAMRES AB (www.samres.se) works in the service sector with coordination of public transports in the North-European countries Sweden and Norway. The company manages callcenters in Estonia, Senegal, Sweden and the Republic of Moldova. Read more...
Date: 03.02.2016   
Technovation Challenge is a global initiative whereby girls in school age (between 10 and 18 approximately) follow an online program, helped by local coaches and mentors, to learn how to develop a mobile app aimed at solving problems in their community, and basic entrepreneurship skills. Read more...

Vasilii Chiperi: „My path to dreams lasted 3 years"

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This heading has the goal to facilitate the employment people with disabilities and to be recruited by potential employer.

This map contains information about the accessible and non-accessible buildings in Moldova. To find out more information, please visit ABOUT box. Map is modified by introducing new information collected from citizens. We count on your involvement!

People who receive support from the Association does not pay for services provided. Often we don’t have the fund we need toc over the large number of people that come to us.

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