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Implemented Projects  »  Year 2019
Year 2019

1. Project title: “Improving the Quality of Life of People with Disabilities by Economic Empowerment”

Implementation period: 01.01.2019 – 31.12.2021

Project objective: people with disabilities in Moldova are self-fulfilling by work and are members of the society with full rights.


  • At the end of 2021, at least 90 men and women with disabilities will have a paid job on the free labor market (by the Supported Employment Program);
  • 24 young people with disabilities were enrolled in professional studies or qualification courses;
  • 150 people with disabilities, their family members or other interested people informed about the legislative field, their psychological consultation, technical support if necessary;
  • 90 employers / HR managers were informed about the legal provisions regarding the employment of people with disabilities and their potential;
  • 25 new employers/companies have created, reserved and offered jobs for people with disabilities;
  • The methodology of the Supported Employment Program piloted by and promoted at the level of 3 districts;
  • 3 NGOs from the central, north region, trained and capable in employing people with disabilities;
  • 10 specialists of the Territorial Employment Agency of Moldova were trained on the employment of people with disabilities via the Supported Employment Program;
  • 45 public objects assessed according to the requirements of people with disabilities;
  • 18 public objects available for the needs of people with disabilities;
  • 240 appearances on Mass Media and social media promoting the rights and potential of people with disabilities;  
  • 1 instructional video about the stages of the Supported Employment Program.

Donor: IM Swedish Development Partner

The total project budget for 3 years: 4 820 000 MDL


2. Project title: “From Disability to Ability”

Implementation period: 01.07.2018 – 30.06.2019

Purpose of the project: Improving the quality of life of people with disabilities in the Republic of Moldova by increasing the number of people employed in the free labor market.


  • Providing support to 76 people with disabilities in the job search process (each of them has received professional guidance support or in CVs making);
  • Employment of at least 32 people with disabilities;
  • Informing and raising awareness of at least 66 employers from different regions of the country/companies on the employment of people with disabilities by a series of training;  
  • Informing at least 74 specialists from all over the country, including from the Transnistrian region, about the importance of employing people with disabilities on the free labor market by 4 training;
  • Creation of 2 jobs in the subdivisions of Public Services Agency - Copy and Reproduction Service in Chisinau and Causeni;
  • Training of local government authorities and specialists of the National Employment Agency on the process of employing people with disabilities;
  • Training of 12 specialists from Criuleni district to train them on the procedures and techniques of working with people with disabilities according to the methodology of the Supported Employment Program;
  • Organizing a round table with local public authorities in Criuleni to raise awareness in the field of social integration of people with disabilities;
  • Developing practical guides for employers and specialists working in the field of employment;
  • Creating accessibility conditions at the home of people with disabilities.

Donor: World Jewish Relief

The total project budget for 1 year:  32.600 ‎£


3. Project title: “Civic and Political Empowerment of Women with Disabilities for a Proactive Involvement in Local Elections in 2019”

Implementation period: 21.11.2018 – 30.11.2019

Purpose of the project: Informing, empowering, raising awareness and supporting a group of up to 50 women with disabilities from the Republic of Moldova in the process of civic involvement and political participation in the 2019 electoral campaign.


  • The participants became more determined and better prepared to get involved in the political life of the country;
  • As a result of active participation, the participants individually initiated a dialogue with the Women's Political Clubs, thereby breaking social barriers related to activism and involvement of women with disabilities in politics;
  • At least 10% of the project participants registered in the electoral campaign;
  • 5 of the course participants individually applied to the Women’s Leadership Academy “Women 4 Leadership”.

Donor: UN Women Moldova

The total project budget:  815.553 MDL

Implemented Projects  »  Year 2019

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This heading has the goal to facilitate the employment people with disabilities and to be recruited by potential employer.

This map contains information about the accessible and non-accessible buildings in Moldova. To find out more information, please visit ABOUT box. Map is modified by introducing new information collected from citizens. We count on your involvement!

People who receive support from the Association does not pay for services provided. Often we don’t have the fund we need toc over the large number of people that come to us.

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