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Implemented Projects  »  Year 2018
Year 2018

1. Project title: “Social-Economic Empowerment and Inclusion of Young People with Disabilities in Employment”

Implementation period: 01.01.2018 – 31.12.2018

Purpose of the project: people with disabilities in Moldova are self-fulfilling by work and are members of the society with full rights.


  • Support for the employment of at least 20 young people with disabilities by the methodology of the Supported Employment Program;
  • Promoting and regulating the methodology of the Supported Employment Program at the national level. Working meetings with stakeholders to promote and regulate the methodology of the Supported Employment Program;
  • Round table to present the results of the 2018 project and the 2015-2017 project;
  • Enrollment in professional studies and specialization courses of 8 young people with disabilities;
  • Improved access for people with disabilities to at least 4 objects of social/immobile purpose with a residential destination (jobs, home of the disabled person, public institution);
  • Elaboration of a Guide for employers to adapt the workplace to the needs of people with disabilities;
  • Informing at least 50 employers about the current legal provisions regarding the employment of people with disabilities, they will have at their disposal a guide to adapt the workplace according to the needs of a person with disabilities;
  • At least 10 new employers will be willing to hire people with disabilities in the free labor market;
  • Job Shadowing Day (a day in the “shadow” of an employee) – the event is aimed at raising awareness and to motivate employers about the inclusion in the employment of people with disabilities. For several hours, a person with disabilities will become the “shadow” of a disabled employee / hired person. Job Shadowing Day will give people with disabilities the opportunity to get in touch with the environment and the specifics of a job; they will know what career options are best for them. At least 10 people with disabilities will participate in this event (people with disabilities, who are already employed, and another 5 people who will be the “shadow” of the employed person);
  • 50 women and men with disabilities will receive information about the legal framework, psychological consultations, technical assistance regarding the equipment they use (either it is repaired or donated from the equipment stored or borrowed by both parties for a predetermined period);
  • Providing guidance information, psychological counseling and technical support to persons with disabilities;
  • Central public authorities and civil society actively involved in regulating the methodology of the Supported Employment Program;
  • Promoting the rights and potential of people with disabilities through at least 90 appearances on Mass Media.

Donor: IM Swedish Development Partner

The total project budget for 1 year: 1 520 000 MDL


2. Project title: “From Disability to Ability”

Implementation period: 01.07.2017 – 30.06.2018

Purpose of the project: Improving the Quality of Life of People with Disabilities in the Republic of Moldova by Increasing the Number of People Employed on the Free Labor Market.


  • Establishing collaborative partnerships with at least 10 Companies;
  • Signing the collaboration agreement with at least 3 employers;
  • Selection of beneficiaries participating in the project - 32 people (women/men) involved in activities);
  • Organizing of 4 Independent Life Internships and training for work of at least 32 people (women/men);
  • Adaptation of space - workplaces and home spaces for people with disabilities;
  • Employment of at least 22 people with disabilities.

Donor: World Jewish Relief

The total project budget for 1 year:  30.000 ‎£.


3. Project title: “Young People with and without Disabilities Actively Participate in Community Life and Decision-making, as well as contribute to the development of a Legal Framework for Social Entrepreneurship”

Implementation period: 01.09.2014 – 15.08.2018

The aim of the project development of the 6 regional initiative groups active in developing their communities, especially in the field of "disability". Another purpose of the project is the elaboration and promotion of the recommendations necessary for the development of the legal framework for regulating Social Entrepreneurship in Moldova, in conjunction with central government authorities and civil society.


  • Selection and consolidation of the initiative groups participating in the project activities;
  • Conducting 9 training courses aimed at empowering young people to become active in social life in local communities;
  • Monitoring groups activity and preparation of reports;
  • Supporting initiative groups in developing local advocacy plans by offering mini-grants to support planned activities;
  • Promoting and ensuring the continuity of regional projects, supporting groups in creating partnerships with LPA at the local level;
  • Annual assessment of the level of Organizational Development, elaboration of recommendations and annual Organizational Development plans;
  • Organization and conduct of Organizational Development training courses, working with experts, adjustment of internal regulations;
  • Strengthening of Civil Society, accumulation of recommendations, the involvement of Civil Society in the consultation process;
  • Identification and contracting of experts for the elaboration of the legislative proposals, their consultation with Civil Society (CS) and relevant Public Authorities;
  • Promoting the concept of Social Entrepreneurship, informing Civil Society about the functioning mechanisms of the legislative framework;
  • Elaboration of Draft Law on the Regulation of Social Entrepreneurship;
  • Elaboration of Operating Regulations of the National Commission on Social Entrepreneurship;
  • Organization of three Local Forums (in Chisinau, Balti, and Cahul) on the sustainability of NGOs and the role of Social Entrepreneurship.
  • Organizing more than 25 training sessions for NGOs and LPAs from all over the Republic on the development of Social Entrepreneurship activities and their role in supporting and developing of Social Entrepreneurship, the positive effects in solving social problems at the local level;
  • Providing support in the development and elaboration of Business Plans in Social Entrepreneurship for 10 NGOs in the Republic.

Donor: U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), in the project Partnerships for Sustainable Development in Moldova, implemented by FHI 360.

The total project budget for 4 years: 1 550 000 MDL


4. Project title: “Economic Policy Advice for to the Moldovan Government”

Purpose of the project: Employment of people with disabilities by the Supported Employment Program. 

Implementation period: 16.10.2018 – 31.12.2018.


  • Empowerment of a group of craftswomen with disabilities from Moldova by a series of training;
  • Creating an online sales platform www.traditie.md;
  • Creating a Facebook page “Hand-made tradition” to promote the products of craftswomen with disabilities who perform hand-made works to order;
  • Training on the topic “Increasing Employment Prospects for Young People with Disabilities by Developing Professional Work Skills” (after which 2 young people found a job, and a young man from Causeni received a grant of 30 thousand MDL to set up a business in beekeeping).

Donor: GIZ Moldova.

The total project budget: 420.647,37 MDL

Implemented Projects  »  Year 2018

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This heading has the goal to facilitate the employment people with disabilities and to be recruited by potential employer.

This map contains information about the accessible and non-accessible buildings in Moldova. To find out more information, please visit ABOUT box. Map is modified by introducing new information collected from citizens. We count on your involvement!

People who receive support from the Association does not pay for services provided. Often we don’t have the fund we need toc over the large number of people that come to us.

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